On April 15, 2011, fifteen 5th-7th grade students, four faculty members  and numerous parents departed for Indianapolis to attend the 4th annual  Math Olympics hosted by Indiana Math and Science Academy. Students  individually completed a grade specific test during a ninety minute  period. After the test, Tyler Meyer represented GSA in “Game 24″, in  which contestants raced to use the given numbers and the basic  operations to come up with the number 24. All GSA students did their  very best. Our school obtained the third place in the junior division and Elizabeth Hunyar left the competition with an Honorable  Mention.


The winners and recipients of the first places in each category are as follows:

Best School Awards

Elementary Division:

  1. Indiana Math and Science Academy– West
  2. Noble Academy-Columbus
  3. Quest Charter Academy – Peoria

Junior Division:

  1. Noble Academy Columbus &
    Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
  2. Horizon Science Academy – Cleveland Middle
  3. Gateway Science Academy – St. Louis &
    Horizon Science Academy – Lorain

Senior Division:

  1. Horizon Science Academy-Dayton High
  2. Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland High
  3. Horizon Science Academy-Columbus High

Individual Ramkings
(Honorable Mentions are in alphabetical order)

5th Grades:

First Place WinnerJack Rominger, Indiana Math and Science Academy– West
Second Place Winner: Ahmet Uysaler, Noble Academy-Columbus
Third Place Winner: Noah Parker, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria

Honorable Mentions:

Asante`  Anderson, HSA – Dayton Elementary
Brian  Smith, HSA – Lorain
Cameron Panek, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Eda  Sagnak, HSA – Dayton Downtown
Haleigh Stiner, IMSA – West
Jacob Dorsey, HSA – Dayton Elementary
Jordan Hoskins, HSA – Dayton Downtown
Max Nguyen, IMSA – North
Robert Bryant, HSA – Denison Middle
Saadet Yildiz, Noble Academy-Columbus
Shane Doyle, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Taylor Williams, IMSA – North

6th Grades

First Place Winner: Hatice Yildiz, Noble Academy-Columbus
Second Place Winner: Matthew Deus, HSA – Lorain
Third Place Winner: Erik Bucio, CMSA

Honorable Mentions:

Alexander  Webb, HSA – Columbus Middle
Aylisa Grenald, HSA – Lorain
Christopher Gonzales, CMSA
Efrata Sasahulih, CMSA
*Elizabeth  Hunyar, Gateway Science Academy – St. Louis
Javona  Brown, HSA – Cleveland Middle
Liberty  Pritchard, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Lindsay Spigelmyer, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Louis Tehan, HSA – Springfield
Sudi Yussuf, HSA – Columbus Middle
Tyson Whittenburg, Noble Academy – Columbus
Vanessa Gainous, Noble Columbus

7th Grades

First Place Winner: Quintin Andrews, Michigan Math and Science Academy
Second Place Winner: Helen Prescod, Noble Academy-Columbus
Third Place Winner: Erind Koci, Noble Academy-Columbus

Honorable Mentions:

Abdigani Ahmed, HSA – Columbus Middle
Avalardo Tran, HSA – Columbus Middle
Betul Coskun, Noble Academy-Columbus
Elyia Walls, HSA – Springfield
Emily Paul, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Grant Goodman, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Jacob Dammons, MMSA
Lucas Herbst, Quest Charter Academy – Peoria
Nalan Uysaler, Noble Academy-Columbus
Nariyah McClain, HSA – Cincinnati
Suzy Bangudi, HSA – Columbus Middle
Teliah Gainer, HSA – Cleveland Middle

8th Grades

First Place Winner: Tonathiu Castillo, Chicago Math and Science Academy
Second Place Winner: Beyza Coban, Noble Academy-Columbus
Third Place Winner: Selena Bostick,  HSA – Cleveland Middle

Honorable Mentions:

Adair Huerta, CMSA
Derek Capeles, HSA – Cleveland Middle
Jeremy Aranguren, CMSA
Kevin Arnold, IMSA – West
Lien Mai, HSA – Springfield
Lorisa Love, HSA – Dayton High
Maria Medina, CMSA
Mohamed Moumen, Noble Academy-Columbus
Oluchi Onyeukwu, HSA – Cleveland Middle
Stephen Burgess, HSA – Denison Middle
Grade Tayyaba Hanif, CMSA
Grade Thi Pham, IMSA – West

High Schools

First Place Winner: Jonathan Clinton, Horizon Science Academy – Cleveland High
Second Place Winner: Justiniano Catalan, CMSA
Third Place Winner: Brittany Deluca, HSA – Cleveland High

Honorable Mentions:

Arzeena Ali, CMSA
DeJuan Daniels, HSA – Dayton High
Dustin Goss, HSA – Toledo High
Gary Mattingly, HSA – Dayton High
Jakub Mihalyi, HSA – Toledo High
James Revels, HSA – Dayton High
Jonathan V Davis, HSA – Columbus High
Joseph Criswell, HSA – Dayton High
Louisa Nkrumah, HSA – Toledo High
Nathan Horn, IMSA – West
Sohaile Salih, HSA – Columbus High
Terence Duncan, HSA – Dayton High

List of Students from GSA in the ranking between 15 and 30

5th Grades:

Sule Tekin: 21th place, 26/50 correct
Makayla Hayes: 29th place, 23/50 correct

6th Grades:

Michael Knese: 17th place, 33/50 correct
Louis Pendino: 26th place, 28/50 correct
Alexis Cassani: 26th place, 28/50 correct
David Campbell: 28th place, 26/50 correct

7th Grades:

Lucas Grippi: 16th place, 35/50 correct
Tyler Meyer: 19th place, 33/50 correct
Katherine Campbell: 22nd place, 31/50 correct
Zackary Stovall: 24th place, 29/50 correct
Kristina Tucker: 29th place, 23/50 correct