I am a parent of a 6th grader, Gabriella Radosevich.  We are enjoying our first year at middle school this year.  I find that it was so much easier last year to establish relationships with the grade school teachers because of my involvement at lunch duty and at pick up times I was able to say hi and have small chats with them. As a parent, it will be a priority of mine next year to make more time for the middle school teachers.
I have gotten to know two teachers this year a little bit and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for them. 
This year I met with Miss Gulden in her room and the atmosphere in there is perfect for learning.  I felt very comfortable.  Her response with emails is super quick and she is easy to communicate with.  She is excited about teaching and has been helpful with the 6th grade and trying to establish field trips and fundraising for them.  I am thankful for her time and energy. 
Gabriella won a raffle at the middle school.  She won a Science Center trip with Miss Arl and she could bring two friends.  Gabriella and two other students met Miss Arl  last Sat at the Science Center.  On her day off of work Miss Arl stands on time with big smiles when I drop off the girls at the Science Center.  Miss Arl’s communication with me about the raffle and meeting was so easy.  The girls were sooooo excited about meeting her and spending time with her.  The girls enjoyed their time with Miss Arl very much.  I am so thrilled for Gabriella and the other girls that went over the weekend
Both of these teachers are great role models for their students and I just wanted to share with you all.
Thank you all for all you do,
Tricia Radosevich