The current board members are:
  • President – Dan Earley ( 
  • Vice President – Tom Nagl
  • Treasurer – Chris Reifsteck
  • Secretary – Matt Radosevich
  • Events Coordinator – Tom Gerrein
  • School Coordinator – Brian Schick
The Men’s Club has raised/will raise money and has/will do other projects to help out and save the school money. The Club meets the first Thursday of every month in the upper hall above the bowling alley, to discuss possible ways of doing this. For example, we are having an annual 4X4 soccer tournament, Mouse races, Golf Tournament, and other fundraisers we decide on. With 90% of the proceeds going to Gateway Science Academy and 10% of the proceeds going to a scholarship fund to assist GSA students later on down the line with a College Education that they might not have otherwise been able to afford.
As for the other projects, it could be as simple as helping out painting, putting furniture together or other jobs that GSA would have to hire out.
As of this date, we have assisted with:
  • GSA Sports Association – $200.00, with $383.00 yet to be presented
  • GSA Feild Day – $500.00
  • Sponsored 3 GSA students soccer enrollment – $195.00
  • GSA Scholarship fund – $1,300.00
  • Sponsored 2011 Trunk or Treat
As well as many of our members putting in time and labor to help out the school.  I might be biased, but I think we have a great bunch of guys and the best men’s club ever!
Thank you,
GSA Men’s Club