April 6th Grade Booklet

Dear 6th Grade students and Parents,

Alternate methods of instruction will continue through the end of our scheduled school year (May 22).  Some students have had to use the printed grade level work booklet to continue practicing grade level skills and reviewing key content.  Those students with internet access should be logging into Google Classrooms to complete lessons and assignments posted there.  If you are a student who has had to use the work booklet, please take a picture (or scan) any complete work and email to the grade level teacher contact below.  Make sure your name is clearly identified in the email/documents.  

Attached you will find the April grade level work booklet.  Again, this should only be used if students have little to no internet access or some other concern.  If you have access to a printer, please print the booklet needed.  If you should need a printed packet, safely prepared packets will be available in grade level bins on the front porch of school by Friday, April 17.

It would be helpful if you let your grade level contact know you are using the work booklet and the reason in case we can assist you with any tech issues.  Once you complete assignments in the work booklet, again, take a picture (or scan) and email the work to the grade level teacher contact below so teachers can give feedback and assign credit.  It is important that students continue to work on skills and content during this time.  Should you need any help, your teachers are an email away.  Please reach out to us with any questions or needs.

6th Grade Contact-  Mr. Schneider, eschneider@gsastl.org


Dr. Schick and MS Staff